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Cement Line relocation
  • Project Name: Used Cement Line relocation
  • Client: Dar Al-Yemen L.L.C
  • Project Commencement Date: July 1 , 2021
  • : Used Cement Line relocation

Cement Line relocation

From Italy to yemen ,  We are relocating a cement grinding Line

Project Overview

We handled the scope of  disassemble cement grinding Line based on ITALY ,  refurbishment and installing in Yemen

 Our Services Mile Stones

  • Documents Control
    • Check availability of Assembly Drawings and Documents of erection instructions / Maintenance Manuals /Lubrication Lists ..etc
    • Comparing Documents against actual Constructions and Noting deviations Relating to modifications , Upgrades , Adjustments or missing items
    • Generate “ as built “drawings for Missing Parts  , Tech office support will be needed with extra cost
    • Generate Digital Library of CAD drawings for All existing plant files , “ Optional “ with Draft rate per ton , to facilitate assembly and foreseen maintenance activities
    • Generate Shop Drawings for needed local fabrication “ With Draft rate “ for Sheet metal works and Steel structure , based on Design
    • Generate Design drawing for needed steel structure compensates concrete constructions with support of civil/Steel specialist designer “ optional with different offer terms “


  • Following Dismantling Activities executing By Contractor on site
    • generate Weekly report for site progress
    • Ensure quality and prober dismantling of equipment
    • Review/ apply Assembly/Match marks and notes needed for prober installation


  • Mech inspection

Visual inspection and Reporting for Wear, defect and corrosion in all major steel parts and equipment (filters, major ducts, cyclones etc.) Condition of rubber belts, During dismantling activities to be carried out based on  available  supplier documents and our Experience ,

Followed by generating an  advisal reporting for spare parts (Must be replaced/up to condition/good condition ) with referring to available documents , establishing Contact with suppliers to Cover defected or obselete items


In case no available documents , establishing contact with suppliers to Share Documents  is a necessity as well

Following inspection tasks for exampled areas to be performed  based on our field experience  , To visualize  What to expect

  • Basic Inspections :

crusher area

Apron feeder

  • Visual inspection of skirt plates, frame and lamellas
  • Inspection of chain and chain sprockets (wear, screw)
  • Support roller wear, rail and lubrication system inspection
  • Take-up system inspection


   Hydraulic system  inspection

  • Inspection of hydraulics, cylinders
  • Cylinder and hoses leakage
  • Crusher inspection
  • External carry out
  • Visual Casing inspection incl. analysis of potential dents
  • Casing assembly and wear plate bolts

Main shaft sealing check

  • Internal carry out
  • Flaps (feeding connection)
  • Visual inspection of wear plates (chipping, cracks)
  • Rotor disc and hammer inspection (wear, chipping, cracks)
  • hammer bolt inspection
  • Functionality and position of anvil – wear plate inspection
  • Inspection for wear, dents and cracks in outlet grate bars


Kiln area

measurements and visual inspection

  • Visual condition check of kiln components
  • Inlet and outlet seals
  • Shell condition / defected – severe deformed positions
  • Tyres, rollers, thrust rollers visual inspection for defect and wears
  • Girth gear / teeth profiles ( backlash – top clearance – cold flow- pitting ..etc )
  • Tyre position on supporting rollers


evaluates spares availability vs. requirement of critical spare parts, based on Suppliers list of recommended spare parts.

Review of the existing spares inventory on site

Cross check against Suppliers recommended list of spare parts


Shipping and containers loading 

o   Generate Packing  lists with item numbers, description and quantities and storing notes ( Indoor storing/OutDoor  storing )

o   Work closely with client for warehouse  sections establishing

o   Generate Weight estimations for shipping lists


Dar Al-Yemen as mentioned in world cement magazine

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